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2007-07-01 at 00:06 | Posted in devel, lang:en, pycoon | Leave a comment

I’m thinking about further Pycoon development, more precisely about version 0.3, because there are some questions around 0.2.

I don’t want to release 0.2 beta or 0.2 final (it’s still alpha) because Pycoon lacks several important features and documentation as noted in the roadmap. Moreover, version 0.2 is built upon old PipelineComponent classes instead of new WSGI callables, so the 0.2 release or beta with old mechanisms may be a bit confusing for possible users. Some still missing must-have features are:

  • Framework-wide HTTP caching (If-None-Match, If-Modifie-Since, etc.)
  • Sessions (at least plain cookie-based authentication or HTTP Basic authentication)
  • Well thought and simple guidelines for creating Pycoon Block eggs
  • A feature-rich Pycoon-powered example site in Pycoon package

Now I’m wondering how to:

  • Implement components as WSGI callables and make it easily
  • Implement caching, authentication, etc. keeping in mind WSGI features

For version 0.2 I’ve added the draft of the CIncludeTransformer that enables easier generation of complex aggregated pages (e. g. with menus, sidebars, etc.). These changes aren’t in Subversion yet.

For version 0.3 I’ve added a test example containing two WSGI apps and middleware that pass a response body to one another as a ElementTree object via fast WSGI I/O (see r141 in the repository). Also I’ve added to the example a simplified application based on Yaro (not committed yet).

By the way, I’m going to implement a simple wiki or blog application with Pycoon and possibly package such an implementation in a Pycoon block.

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