Beautyfing Gnome in Ubuntu

2007-12-20 at 05:14 | Posted in it, lang:en | 2 Comments
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Yesterday I installed Ubuntu 7.10 again. I had a negative experience with Fedora Core 8. The issues were mostly related to my somewhat old hardware. My main argument against Ubuntu is its packaging system named dpkg which stands for Debian package. It’s similar to RPM from a user’s point of view, but it’s completely different for a developer (i. e. packager). I’m going to learn more about it this weekend.

As for now, I’m writing down a list of things I need to find out how they are usualy done in Ubuntu, such as connecting a mobile via Bluetooth/IrDA and creating a dial-up connection to the Internet over GPRS, exploring a Zeroconf neighbourhood, etc. Tasks I’ve already done are setting up my Java, Python and Subversion environments, configuring networking and… customizing the Gnome theme :)

I’ve found a very nice GTK/Metacity theme called T-ish Pack and a desktop wallpaper Blue Grass. Check them out! :) And, of course, they are licensed under the GPL.


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  1. слушай, вот пример *рабочего* стола:

  2. Nice! Now you can experience the greatness of apt-get. :-)

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